Transform your kitchen in a week!

Getting your cabinets painted is a solid investment for you and your home. Our goal is to provide the best cabinet painting service in Denver metro, using the most efficient methods available and, using a team effort for completion. Once you’re on board with us, you are a team member too and what you help us with will make the process go smoothly!

So, what does that mean? When we come to prepare your kitchen for painting on day 1, we will remove the doors and drawer covers from the boxes and load them for transport.  The drawers themselves will need a place to be; usually outside the kitchen area since only the covers (the face of the drawer) are being painted. We will tarp off the appliances, the lights, windows and any area outside the kitchen. Think of that scene in E.T when E.T is in the plastic containment area…that is what we are creating in your kitchen! Below is an example of a kitchen cabinet system with full masking on the appliances, just before the ceiling gets prepped.

We take such great care in our preparation process because our customers trust us to provide superior quality cabinet painting service in Denver. Our primary service area is the southern suburbs, including Arapahoe and Douglas counties.

Here are some other points to consider in hiring a cabinet painting contractor in Denver:

Why Hire Barco’s Painting of Colorado?

  • We are trained in various coatings solutions and application techniques
  • We utilize a shop for controlled environments
  • We are mobile and have a controlled environment inside our trailer
  • We prefer spray for the best finishes and overall outcome
  • We have the best equipment for this kind of application
  • We are insured
  • We warranty our work
  • We add value by offering high priced products for better finishes at the same cost as “the other guys”
  • We are recommended on Nextdoor, Google, and Facebook

Reasons NOT to Hire “The Other Guys”

  • The other company only wants to brush & roll your cabinets and not provide the best finishes possible
  • The other company does not have training in proper application techniques
  • The other company wants to use your garage or basement for space
  • The other company doesn’t warranty their work
  • The other company sells on price and not value
  • The other company can’t be found on social media or the Internet

Here Are Some Recent Cabinet Painting Projects

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