With outside temps reaching epic summer levels soon, its time to take note of how your house is being painted during this weather. Having several crews that work outdoors, I can tell you that no one actually enjoys the heat! However, there are several rules we follow to ensure that we’re safe and that your job is being done right and if you’re doing your project with the help of painters, follow these simple tips to help your paint job get done the right way:

Paint in the early mornings or late evenings when the temperatures are cooler. At some point in the painting process, you may have to go on the roof. Make sure you head up there first thing in the morning as roof shingles can get very hot in the sun.

Don’t paint when it’s windy because dust and debris can stick to wet paint.

Don’t paint immediately after or before its going to rain. If you’re not using the correct product, the residual moisture can ruin your paint job.

Don’t paint in direct sunlight. The quality of the paint job depends on surface temperature, not just the air. Instead, chase the shade around the house so you are not painting the hottest, most extreme areas.

Work strategically long days when it’s overcast. The more work you get done on these days, the less you have to do in the blazing sun.

Use the best quality paints and materials. This ensures the best possible outcome. They are made for all weather.

Extend the dry time in hot and humid weather before the applying the second coat. If you paint too soon, the first coat could peel off as you use the roller due to the first coat is still drying and you may trap moisture causing bubbles and peeling.

With these few tips, you can get your project done like we do. If you’re not interested on working on your home and would rather have it done professionally, feel free to contact us at 303-598-8102 or click on the Barco’s Logo below to email us a request for a free estimate!