Welcome back to our new blog series called “Behind the Brush” where we discuss on-going projects, start to finish. We address certain pre-painting prep that is unique to each house, colors chosen products being used, methods and a little bit of a information about our crews.

Last week, we began prep work on this home in Larkspur, Co where they are transforming this dated basement into something elegant and buyer ready! If you haven’t seen it yet, you should look through the slideshow on the first blog to see that the before colors looked like!

We just started putting color on the walls and, wow… HUGE difference! The homeowners and I looked through several hundred colors and agreed on using Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray (Sw7015) and mixed it into Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Velvet Sheen. The color itself really helped the elegant cherry wood to pop and stand out on its own while brightening the space and, making it feel warm and cozy! Using the SuperPaint Velvet helped add a tiny bit of sheen on the walls but, not so much that it was glaring. Just the right amount to aid in touch ups as they were needed.

The ceilings were done in a Bright White, also a Sherwin-Williams color. We like using this white because it helps add light reflectivity to an area that otherwise didn’t have much. Using a bright color on the ceiling can help make the space feel larger too, if using medium to dark type colors on the walls.

Stay tuned as we finish this project up and discuss how the project was completed and the tools we used to make this house look new!